New Rochelle Pioneers

The New Rochelle High School and Middle School Special Olympics Teams competed in an inter-team track and field competition at New Rochelle High School’s McKenna Field. Smiles abounded as athletes ran, threw, and jumped, and parents and spectators alike joined in the excitement of the day. There was a spirit of competition and camaraderie that filled the air. Athletes Christopher Conte and William Monzon recited the Special Olympics Oath, Maggie Towers started the games with the line, ”Let the games begin,” and senior Jonathan Choflet carried in the torch. Medals and awards were given out after the events. Monzon and Towers were awarded “The Golden Deeds of Education Award.” The team looks forward to again participating in the Hudson Valley Region Fall Festival Soccer competition school year in Beacon, Dutchess County. Athletes interested in participating during the next school year can contact Rhonda Boychew at