Letter from the Schools Superintendent

Dear New Rochelle Community,

I am writing to update you on the City School District of New Rochelle’s re-registration process. We have formulated a strategy of re-registering the rising ninth-graders this summer. We will then continue with a re-registration of all students in all other grades over the coming school year.

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Having studied similar initiatives in other districts, we believe this is a prudent approach that will allow us to accomplish the initial portion of an overall re-registration before regular classes resume in September. It will also give us a realistic timetable for completing the re-registration of all 10,700 students without causing undue inconvenience among families. We remain committed to re-verifying the eligibility of all students to attend our schools, and we believe that re-registering all students entering New Rochelle High School as ninth-graders is the correct starting point. As an incentive to ensure families act in a timely manner, we will make re-registration for rising ninth-graders mandatory before they receive their 2018-19 class schedules.

Knowing how important this matter is to many in the community, we have placed the project in expert hands. We have named Dr. Charles Coletti, former Port Chester schools superintendent, to lead this initiative. Dr. Coletti led a successful re-registration in the Port Chester schools and is well-versed in the challenges and outcomes of the process.

The first phase of the process, addressing the incoming ninth-grade NRHS students, will take place in the high school’s House 4 cafeteria, from July 2 through August 22. Registrars, bilingual staff and security personnel will be present during registration hours.

Parents and guardians of the incoming ninth-graders will receive a notification shortly with detailed information on the process and what forms of identification will be acceptable. Further, each family that needs to re-register a student will be given a window of time to come to the House 4 cafeteria to complete the process. The cafeteria is located in an area accessible to North Avenue bus routes and has an external entryway to the parking lot off North and Braemar avenues.

Dr. Coletti has created an effective, responsible schedule for the ninth-grade re-registration, with flexibility built in. It includes evening hours two days per week, and a “call-back” day each Friday for any families that miss their allotted time to re-register earlier in the week, or who have to return with complete documentation. As part of the communications process, District staff will reach out each day by phone and/or email to the families of students due to register the next day, to ensure that they have gotten the proper information and are prepared for the process. In addition, Dr. Coletti will be on site managing the process. 

Follow up phone calls, emails, and letters will be sent to families who do not respond or who miss their appointed times.  All re-registration of students entering ninth grade is scheduled to be complete by August 22 in order to provide clearance to the high school administration to send schedules to those students who successfully completed the process. Rising ninth-graders who have not re-registered by then will receive notice that their schedules will be withheld until they complete the re-registration process.

This plan launches a re-registration that will be implemented smoothly and completed effectively.

If you have any questions about the process, contact Dr. Coletti at ccoletti@nredlearn.org or (914) 727-0129.


Brian G. Osborne, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools




The re-registration of City School District of New Rochelle students begins this summer with the incoming ninth graders. They will be re-registered from July 2 through August 22 in the House 4 cafeteria in New Rochelle High School. Students in other grades will be re-registered throughout the school year. In June, parents and guardians of students scheduled to begin ninth grade in New Rochelle High School in September 2018 were notified of the schedule and the documents needed for the process. Find information on the re-registration here.

PLEASE NOTE: For most of July, because of construction at New Rochelle High School, access to the House 4 cafeteria by car will be from Flandreau Avenue. A pedestrian walkway is available off Braemar Avenue for those arriving via bus along North Avenue.

Questions about the process can be referred to Dr. Charles Coletti, re-registration project manager, ccoletti@nredlearn.org or (914) 727-0129.

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