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The City School District of New Rochelle commits to fostering a trusting and collaborative environment that honors the multiple perspectives, histories, cultures, and hopes for our students, families, and community at large.  Through authentic, inclusive, and engaging experiences, we will contribute to educating and nurturing the whole child as empowered change agents.

The City School District of New Rochelle recognizes the connection between student success, family and community engagement as a key lever for student success.   

We have two primary goals: First, we intend to strengthen home-school connections by finding ways to engage parents and strengthen our outreach efforts. Second, we will increase our partnerships with community agencies and organizations to strategically support students and families across our district.   

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Working Together

We are excited to continue to engage and empower our families to be co-partners in educating students

This year we are rolling out a multi-tiered approach that includes: 

  • a variety of school-based engagement events;

  • parent leadership liaisons at each school community, and

  • workshops designed to support families by providing additional information on topics requested by families

  • district sub-committees where parents will be encouraged to share their input and voice

We look forward to creating family engagement social events to invite our school community to gather around food, music, dance, and cultural festivities.

Events will be held on campuses and in various spaces around the community. These events will be shared with families and updated on our district’s website.

Please see below to see our comprehensive list of events, which will be continuously updated.

CSDNR Pilot Home Visit Program Information

The City School District of New Rochelle is proud of our home visiting program, where nearly three dozen educators and staff engaged in a professional learning series hosted by Parent Teacher Home Visit (PTHV), an organization that has worked with school districts around the country in implementing similar initiatives.  

The Parent Teacher Home Visiting Program builds positive relationships between schools and families and strengthens that partnership to support student(s) educational success. Parents and teachers convene at your home or setting of your choice along with the student to get to know each other and to talk about your student’s academic future. 

Parents or guardians share their hopes and dreams and academic expectations for their student(s) and talk with teachers about school resources. Home visiting is not a parent/teacher conference. It is an opportunity to get to know each other and to build a relationship to benefit students academically. Studies show that Parent Teacher Home Visits have increased academic achievement and improved parent engagement in schools. The visits bring teachers and families closer together and open the lines of communications between home and school. 

The home visiting program is completely voluntary. Families may decline a visit with no consequences. Families may be contacted by a teacher to receive a home visit this year. This is NOT a meeting to tell you what to do as a parent or to talk about your parenting. It is a time to get to know each other outside of school. 

More information regarding the Parent Teacher Home Visit program curriculum can be found at Feel free to direct any questions to Eddie Castro at 


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City School District of New Rochelle Programs

Title I

The District is committed to developing and implementing programs, activities, and procedures that encourage and support the participation of parents of students eligible for Title I services in all aspects of their children's education.

Board of Education Parent and Family Engagement Policy

For more information on Title I Parent and Family Engagement programs, please contact Tiara Reyes-Vega, Director of Instructional Support, at

Family and Community Engagement Team


Eddie Castro is the Director of Family and Community Engagement. He joined the City School District of New Rochelle in March 2022.

He completed his graduate studies in Developmental and Educational Psychology at Boston College with an interest in developing students' resiliency within students. Eddie served in different school leadership roles in Boston, Chicago, and New York City and understands the transformative power of building school communities with diverse learning and enrichment opportunities to support students and families. 

Eddie completed his educational leadership training at the College of Saint Rose and has a bachelor's degree in Human Development and Psychological Services from Northwestern University.   

Please reach out with any recommendations or suggestions by emailing us at