The City School District of New Rochelle is dedicated to providing the safest, most efficient and cost effective transportation.

Did you know that a school bus is the safest mode of transportation for getting your child back and forth to school?  Students are about 50 times more likely to arrive at school safe if they ride on the bus than if they drive themselves, ride with friends or than being driven by you.  If you were to add the environmental and financial benefits, it would be hard to find a reason to send your child to school any other way.


Communication between residents and the Transportation Office is an important part of providing effective transportation services.  The transportation staff is available to address any questions or concerns either by phone or email (  Please email the transportation office for routing issues, behavioral issues, or if you do not intend to use the school bus for your child.  Address changes must be made through the school your child attends.

Every effort is made to respond in a timely manner.


Francesca Windley

Transportation Assistant


Samantha Shanahan

Transportation Clerk


Call the bus company if the bus is running late, if your child is not home yet or before and after school hours.


First Mile Square First Student

914-699-3333 914-668-2700


School bus stops and pick up times for students riding yellow school buses are established by the Transportation Dept.  Students should be at their appropriate bus stops approximately 10 minutes before their scheduled pick-up time.  Door to door transportation is not available.  Please note that in order to run timely routes, and in compliance with the New York State Commissioner of Education ruling that it is the parent’s responsibility to get their child(ren) safely to and from their bus stop.  Students in Kindergarten and grade 1 must be picked up by a parent/guardian or a person designated by the parent/guardian in writing.  Find a form for designating a person to pick up a student here.  Students in grade 2 through 5 will be dropped off at the bus stop regardless of whether a parent/guardian is present. 


If there is an emergency, accident or incident on the school bus parents will be notified in a timely fashion by either the transportation office, the bus company or the school’s main office according to the district’s safety and security protocols.


The cost of the metro card is $9.00 per card.

The cost of the student pass is $115.00 per 5-month period.

Student pass cards will be prorated each month.

Eligible students in grades 6 through 12 may purchase a metro card or student pass at a subsidized rate for use on the Bee-Line (Liberty Lines) which is Westchester County's bus system.  Stop times and stop locations are set by the county. 

The RevTrak online payment system to purchase Student Metro Cards is now ready for use. Cards must be picked up at the school your child attends.  Please bring a copy of the receipt as proof of purchase. . Please contact your school for dates and times.

Purchase Student Metro Cards


ALMS & IEYSMS Delayed Opening

Early Out Schedule

IEYMS Regular Schedule

NRHS Delayed Opening Schedule

NRHS Regular Schedule

22-23 Liberty_Lines IEYMS

22-23 Liberty Lines ALMS


What goes into the decision to close schools, delay the openings or cancel after-school activities? Find the answers in the Q&A here:

Who decides when the District is closed or school openings are delayed?
The Superintendent of Schools makes the decision to close schools for the day or to delay the opening of school.

What is the latest time that a District closing or delayed opening be called?

Whenever possible, the District will notify students and parents of a school closing the night before. When that is not possible, the District aims to notify the community of a closing or delayed opening by 5:30 a.m.


When will a decision be made to dismiss early or to cancel after-school activities due to inclement weather?

The District does not call unscheduled early dismissals, but may occasionally cancel after-school activities if warranted. Whenever possible, the decision whether to cancel after-school activities will be made by mid-day. However, due to the unpredictable nature of weather, the need to cancel the activities may not become apparent until later in the day. In those cases, notification of the decision will be carried out as quickly as possible.


How will I receive notice of school closings, delayed opening, early dismissal or cancelation of after-school activities?

The District alerts students, their families and the community at large in multiple ways to make sure the message gets out to all. An email is sent to District families and staff and an alert is placed in red at the top of the District website, Notice is also posted on the District’s Facebook and Twitter feeds and is sent to media outlets.

Area media outlets that carry the announcements can be found here.


How many school days can be missed because of inclement weather?

Two snow days are built into the calendar and can be taken with no other change needed. Two other dates are set aside as inclement weather make-up days. Those are days on which school is scheduled to be closed, but would open if the District exceeds two inclement weather days.

If weather forces the schools to close more than four days in a single school year, the District must find other days off to take back and open schools.


How is the decision to close schools or delay the opening made and what goes into the decision-making process?

When inclement weather is present or forecasted, and the Decision to close schools or delay the start of the school day has not yet been made, the Superintendent of Schools joins a conference call with other area superintendents at 4:45 a.m. to assess how other districts are preparing for the day.
The Superintendent then consults with: the District Director of Buildings and Grounds for reports on any issues with facilities; the Transportation Department for reports whether the bus companies that serve the District are prepared; and the New Rochelle City Manager for reports on road conditions and expected snow/debris clearance.


Why would the District choose to delay school openings rather than close for the day?

The decision is determined by the current and forecasted weather and road conditions. If conditions are expected to improve by about 10 a.m., the Superintendent may determine that a delayed opening is warranted rather than a school closing for an entire day.


What buses are used for a delayed opening?

On a normal day, the companies First Mile Square and First Student transport eligible elementary school students in yellow buses while eligible middle and high school students  receive discounted passes for the Westchester Bee Line (Liberty Lines) buses.

During a delayed opening, the yellow buses take over the Bee Line buses; First Mile Square and First Student handle all of the bus transportation.


* A student is generally eligible for bus transportation or discounted Bee Line bus passes if he or she resides at least 1.5 miles from the school he or she attends.