Playground Possibilities Ignite Action by Barnard Students

When students in Dana Eliasoph’s class at the Barnard Early Childhood Center saw an opportunity, they went right to the top to request action!

The students, demonstrating agency, engagement, and sharing their voice, wrote a letter to Superintendent Jonathan Raymond:

Dear Mr. Raymond: We need to add to our playground because more children need FUN! One reason we want to add to the playground is because there are four classes that play on the big playground and it is too many kids. Also, there is SO much space on the blacktop that you can add some swings! Thanks for reading this. We MUST add to the playground because we only have a small part… (This) will make us HAPPY!

Impressed by the students’ initiative, Superintendent Raymond visited the students this week, listened to their ideas, thanked them for their ingenuity and advocacy skills, and promised that the school district will review playground-expansion possibilities. In the photo, Raymond is kneeling at left in front of Principal Shelli Owens. Eliasoph is at center, with her enterprising class!