bee line bus

The City School District of New Rochelle advises New Rochelle High School students who use Bee-Line buses to follow these steps to ensure they board the proper bus after school each afternoon:

  • Buses sometimes have the same route number. It’s important for students to know the last stop on their bus route, and to look for the bus displaying that information at the front of the bus before boarding the bus. A list of each Bee-Line high school bus route and its bus stops can be found here.
  • Students can ask the Bee-Line bus driver to confirm the bus route or that a particular stop is part of the route.
  • Comprehensive information about busing and transportation is available on the City School District of New Rochelle website. Visit and

 For information regarding Bee-Line routes, call (914) 813-7777. You also can call the school district's Office of Transportation at (914) 576-4230 or email For information regarding First Mile Square buses, call (914) 423-7777. For information regarding First Student buses, call (914) 668-2700.