Storm Cleanup and Recovery Updates

Oct. 15 update: Refurbishment Progress at New Rochelle High; Concrete Work Almost Done at Isaac E. Young Middle School. Details:

Oct. 8 update: Asbestos Abatement Clarification; New Rochelle High School on Schedule for Nov. 1 Re-opening. Details:

Oct. 1 update: Storm Recovery Update, Oct. 1: Isaac E. Young Middle School Cafeteria Work Nears Completion; New Rochelle High School Prepares for Nov. 1 Re-opening.

Sept. 24 update: Great progress at New Rochelle High:

Sept. 21 update:

Sept. 17 update, (including news about the Nov. 1 targeted reopening date of New Rochelle High School)

Sept. 14 update

Sept. 13 update

Sept. 12 update:

Updated FAQs, English: Updated CSDNR Storm Recovery FAQs September 12 2021ENGLISH.pdf
Updated FAQs, Spanish:  Updated CSDNR Preguntas y Respuestas September 12 2021.pdf 

Sept. 11 update: 
Sept. 10 update:
Sept. 9 update: