2021 IEY

Isaac E. Young Middle School students, faculty, and staff are back in their school, resiliently forging ahead with learning as the school continues to undergo flooding repairs in a few areas closed to students.

This week featured orientation and other “get-to-know-you” activities, including building tours, meet-and-greets, guidance counselors meeting with students, and a coat-of-arms activity. That consisted of students designing their own personal coat of arms, representing hobbies, interests and their personalities.

One start-of-the-school-year focus is on social and emotional wellness, as well as working with students to understand their individual needs to be successful. Each month will have a theme under the banner of social and emotional wellness. September’s is “Launching The Year for Success,” focusing on learning and growing.

“Wow! We have anticipated this day for some time,” said Principal Dr. Tawanda Robinson. “It was a joy to see the students entering the Castle and they were happy to be in school. I’m pleased with how Isaac scholars are adjusting. I am excited about the year and getting to know the children.”