Season 2 Episodes

Episode 1

Guest: Nate Adams, NRHS My Brother's Keeper Program Coordinator

Episode 2

Guest: Gail Joyner White, Assistant Superintendent for Pupil Personnel Services

Episode 3

Guest: Gustavo Barbosa, NRHS Social Studies Department Chair

Episode 4

Guest: Congressman Jamaal Bowman

Episode 5

Guest: Lisa-Marie Newkirk, CSDNR Director of Security

Episode 6

Guest: Nat Harris, NRHS alum and basketball coach

Episode 7

Guest: Jeff Wuebber, NRHS Science Teacher and Science Research Program Director

Episode 8

Guest: Alprentice McCutchen, NRHS Social Studies Teacher and MBK Mentor

Episode 9

Guest: Dr. Corey Reynolds, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources

Episode 10

Guest: Deepak Marwah, Performing and Visual Arts in Education Director

Episode 11

Guest: Kerly Bustillos, IEYMS Dean of Students

Episode 12

Guest: Leah Lugovina-Freitas, NRHS Director of Guidance

Episode 13

Guest: Dr. Dagoberto Artiles, NRHS Principal

Episode 14

Guest: Christopher Tuck, NRHS College Athletics Specialist and Counselor

Episode 15

Guest: Mariana Jusufaj, Business Liaison/Community Organizer

Episode 16

Guests: Pina Palmisano, Nicolette Loaiza, Assistance Counselors, and NRHS Senior and SADD and CODA President Dylan Sadow

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