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Welcome to the Office of Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) within the City School District of New Rochelle. We are committed to fostering a trusting and collaborative environment that honors the multiple perspectives, histories, cultures and hopes of our students, families, and community at large. Through authentic, inclusive, and engaging experiences, we will contribute to educating and nurturing the whole child as empowered change agents. The Office of C&I is comprised of various departments that provide support to schools. Our main focus is to create a learning organization that offers a rigorous relevant educational experience grounded in research and effective practice. There are common themes referred to as The Instructional Core that focus our work to ensure student in the City School District of New Rochelle receive a world class education.

Olivine Roberts, Ed.D., Chief Academic Officer, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction 914.576.4300 Ext. 39107

Executive Director of Educational Leadership and Early Learning

Nicolas Cracco

914.576.4300 Ext. 39110

Director of Instructional Supports

Tiara Reyes - Vega

914.576.4300 Ext. 39112

Director of Physical Edu. & Health (PreK-12)

Tilsa Rodriguez-Gonzalez

914.576.4300 Ext. 10800

Director of Research, Assessment, and Accountability

James Anderson

914.576.4300 Ext. 39144

Director of Visual & Performing Arts (PreK-12)

Deepak Marwah

914.576.4300 Ext. 10212

Director of World Languages (K-12)

Elizabeth Goodwin

914.576.4300 Ext. 10634

Director of Special and Alternative Education, Elementary (Prek-5)

Yvonne Palmer

914.576.4300 Ext. 39680

Director of Special and Alternative Education, Secondary (6-12)

Michele O'Bryan


Systems Database Administrator

Paul Santoro

914.576.4300 Ext. 39144

Data Support Specialist

Toni Abraham

914.576.4300 Ext. 39150

Data Support Specialist