Tutor.com Is Available to All Students!

The City School District of New Rochelle (CSDNR) has partnered with Tutor.com, an affiliate of the Princeton Review. All students district-wide have free, unlimited, round-the-clock access to live, one-to-one tutoring and homework support offered in English or Spanish. The service is available in a range of subjects (including math, writing, science, social studies, world languages, Advanced Placement® – AP® subjects, and even SAT prep). Students will receive personalized attention and can communicate with tutors via text-chat or voice.

Connecting with a tutor is quick and easy: Students can access Tutor.com by signing into their school district devices, accessing the school district’s launchpad, and simply clicking the Tutor.com icon to start a live tutoring session.

Students using a non-district-provided device must sign into launchpad (https://launchpad.classlink.com/nredlearn) first, then click the Tutor.com icon to access Tutor.com.