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Welcome to the Huguenot Academy!

Huguenot Academy is a relatively small program that serves a microcosm of students from New Rochelle High School.  It offers the benefits of a small, private school experience without the private school cost.  Individualized student support is the crux of this program that bolsters students’ academic and social-emotional growth and development.  We help students find success utilizing smaller class sizes, both general and targeted academic and SEL supports, and post-secondary planning beginning in ninth grade. 

At Huguenot Academy, students learn how to utilize executive functioning skills to support their learning and a toolbox of social-emotional skills to advance their academic and social success.  Relationships are the foundation upon which staff at Huguenot Academy build capacity for learning and positive self-perception. Using the four core competencies of critical thinking, creative thinking, effective communication, and effective interactions, students move from foundational knowledge to synthesis in an intimate setting. Experiential learning and field trips lend to the increase in student engagement.

Huguenot Academy supports students and their families in finding opportunities for exploration of interests and avenues of access to community resources and participation. Our goal is to connect each student with opportunities outside of the school day/year that allows them to develop a personalized set of goals that evolves as their exposure to opportunities expands.

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