Public Information Office

The City School District of New Rochelle Public Information Office provides news and information about the school district to the entire community and the news media.

The office manages the District’s website and social media (Facebook and Twitter). It promotes a variety of programs and achievements in the schools by its students and staff and on a districtwide level with the administration and the New Rochelle Board of Education. The office publishes a weekly e-newsletter on Fridays that includes articles about the people and schools that make the New Rochelle district a special place. The office also produces a quarterly print newsletter in both English and Spanish that is distributed to all households in the City of New Rochelle. It develops the District calendar and coordinates public forums and events.

If you are a member of the District community and would like an article written about a recent accomplishment, or if you would like more information about signing up to receive emergency notifications or the District’s weekly e-newsletter, please contact us.


Stu Shinske

o. 845-576-2216