Thank you for wanting to learn more about our capital improvements. Just like a home, school facilities need regular attention and upkeep to continue to operate year after year as originally intended. The cost of keeping up with the daily wear and tear caused by hundreds of students, staff and visitors, year after year, can rise above and beyond what the annual school budget can support. Capital improvement projects are a way for school districts to complete a larger amount of facilities work sooner than otherwise possible within the scope of the annual school budget. We are currently in the process of gathering additional information to update this page. In the meantime, should you have any questions you may contact Keith W. Watkins, CDF, Director of Facilities at or 914.576.4222

Capital Improvements


Construction Updates - March 8, 2021



December 2020

The renovations and restorations funded by the $106.5 million bond act of 2016 are nearing completion. As of December 2020, about 97% of the work has been done. Here is a list of what has been accomplished:


New Rochelle High School: Improvements included the replacement of the slate roof and restoration of the clock tower – one of the city’s architectural gems – as well as brick replacement and stone restoration outside the school entrance. Restorations also included new athletic fields and the restored track around McKenna Field, the replacement of a retaining wall near the track, and restoration of the teacher and administrator parking lots.


Albert Leonard Middle School: The front parking lot was replaced and reconfigured, and the rear of the school has received new pavement. Access to the playfields has been upgraded and includes new drainage systems. Sidewalks along Sussex Road were replaced. Summer 2021 work includes new interior floors.


Isaac E. Young Middle School: Similar to work done at New Rochelle High School, the roof was replaced, the exterior work at the entrance consisted of brick replacement and stone restoration. New locker rooms and an expanded nurses’ office were built.

Henry Barnard Early Childhood Center: The rear play area was repaved and the drainage system was upgraded. There also is new emergency access from the play area to the rear of the property for the disabled. Masonry was repaired and the fire escape was scraped and painted. In addition, several interior ceilings were replaced, and new floors were installed in several areas. Work scheduled for summer 2021 includes replacement of several exterior staircases and upgrades to the ramp for the disabled at the front entrance.  

Columbus Elementary School: The front entrance stairs have been replaced. A new ramp for the disabled enables access to the main front doors. Sidewalks along Washington Avenue, as well as the adjacent retaining walls, have been replaced. The parking lot behind the school has received new drainage systems and fencing, and has been repaved. The cafeteria ceilings and light fixtures were replaced. Windows are being replaced in the original portion of the facility, with completion in the next several months. Work in summer 2021 will include additional floor replacements.

George M. Davis Elementary School: improvements included roof replacement, with leaking and covered skylights removed. Ventilation systems and floors were replaced. Improvements were made to the rear parking and play areas. Remaining work includes installing new interior doors and hardware, as well as additional sidewalks. Those projects are scheduled for summer 2021.  


Jefferson Elementary School: Work during summer 2021 will include the continuing replacement of window lintels (structural supports) around the rear of the facility, masonry repair and removal of a deteriorated fire escape. Interior modifications include improved emergency exits.  

Trinity Elementary School: New corridor ceilings were installed in several locations. New interior doors have been installed as well, and a new rear-access drive alleviates traffic issues. Additionally, fields were renovated. These improvements include a new drainage system, new grading and elevations, new baseball and softball diamonds and sod, and a new sprinkler system.  

William B. Ward Elementary School: The roof was replaced, and deteriorated masonry corrected. Parking and bus-pickup zones in the rear of the building, and sidewalks and access ramps for the disabled, were replaced. Floors were abated for asbestos and replaced. Additionally, skylights were removed and ceiling infills installed; several new ventilation systems were installed; and a new chiller for partial air conditioning was installed to replace aged equipment. Remaining work includes interior door and hardware renovation, new window systems and upgrades to the front bus loop, paving and sidewalks in summer 2021. 

Daniel Webster Elementary School: Improvements include masonry restoration, a newly reconstructed front bus pullout with new pavement, new curbs and new sidewalks. Exterior doors have been replaced to match the original historic hardwood doors. The rear play area received a new drainage system and repaving. The service entrance drive also received new drainage and pavement.