1999 Cheerleaders Reprise Appearance on 'Good Morning America'

Decked in purple jackets and shaking purple, white and black pom poms, 13 former New Rochelle High School cheerleaders made an encore performance recently on Good Morning America - 20 years after their first time on the show.  
Back in 1999, the New Rochelle varsity and junior varsity teams appeared on the famed morning program, helping the show debut its Times Square studio. On Sept. 19, 2019, the show was celebrating 20 years of broadcasting from the Crossroads of the World with a look back, and with visits from some of their first guests in the space - including those New Rochelle cheerleaders.
When they prepped to cheer before the studio audience for their recent appearance, they found that getting back into the spirit came naturally.
"It didn't take much for us to all remember," said Danielle Powers, one of the 1999 cheerleaders and now a special education teacher at Trinity Elementary School. "We very quickly went back to our roots. Once you're out there, you go right back to doing what you do best."
They cheered as they held up signs that said "Good Morning America." In the closing shot of the segment, they stood near the center, on either side of hosts Michael Strahan, Robin Roberts, George Stephanopoulos and Lara Spencer.
The segment included video from their 1999 performance.
"The program was really strong then, and it continues to be," said Kristine Ferreira, a physical education and PAVE dance teacher at NRHS. She remembers appearing on the show as a freshman cheerleader, then returning to school to finish classes for the day. In the studio back then they met Cindy Crawford, who was also a guest, she recalled.
In the years since their performance on the show, several of the squad members have returned to the City School District of New Rochelle as educators. In addition to Powers and Ferreira, Victoria Domenici is now a teaching assistant at Albert Leonard Middle School.
For Domenici, the reason people have remained in New Rochelle was simple.
"It's hard to leave a place that's just so beautiful and friendly," she said. "It's hard to leave home."
Watch a video of the former cheerleaders' scenes on the show here. (The part with New Rochelle starts at 1:15.)