13 Grants Will Support Innovative Initiatives Districtwide

New schoolyard garden beds, a popular musical presentation that teaches kindness, and school hallways that delight children with educational sensory activities are among 13 innovative projects coming to the City School District of New Rochelle thanks to $17,000 in grants from the New Rochelle Fund for Educational Excellence.
The Fund announced the awards this week (March 29). In choosing the enrichment programs, the Fund evaluated applications from teachers, administrators and parents, seeking projects that promote active student learning.
"Given the number of strong proposals we received, it was difficult making funding decisions," said Lauren Pekats, Fund board member. "But we are thrilled to support the initiatives that were selected." The New Rochelle Fund for Educational Excellence supports the New Rochelle school system and its extraordinary, diverse student body by advancing equity and excellence with the goal of inspiring all public school students.
"These are wonderful programs that show the creativity and devotion of our teachers and administrators and the strong partnership we have built with District families," said Interim Superintendent Dr. Magda Parvey. "We are incredibly grateful to the New Rochelle Fund for Educational Excellence for making the projects possible with these grants. Students from one end of the District to the other will benefit from the Fund's generosity and vision."   
Among the programs are "Addy & Uno," a family-friendly musical that teaches kindness, respect and acceptance of students with various disabilities through puppets and song. Students in grades 4 through 8 at Columbus, Trinity and Jefferson elementary schools, along with students at Isaac E. Young Middle School, will enjoy this heartfelt journey celebrating hope, dreams and the beauty of differences. 
Other grants include: funding for Trinity Elementary School to collaborate with the Hudson Park Children's Greenhouse in building garden beds on campus; a point of sale (POS) cash register system in the Government Organization (G.O.) Store for Student Government and Digital Literacy students at NRHS; kinesthetic and sensory hallways for students at both Barnard and Davis Elementary Schools; and a program titled "Literature Igniting STEAM" at Jefferson Elementary School.
For 21 years, the New Rochelle Fund for Educational Excellence has partnered with the District and engages the broader New Rochelle community to develop, fund and implement high-quality educational and enrichment programming that enhances the school experience and helps students thrive and succeed along their educational journey. Please visit www.nredfund.org for more information.