NYS Report Cards

The New York State Report Cards provide enrollment, demographic, attendance, suspension, dropout, teacher, assessment, accountability, graduation rate, post-graduate plan, career and technical education, and fiscal data for public and charter schools, districts, and the State. The report cards consist of three parts: Accountability and Overview Report (AOR), Comprehensive Information Report (CIR), and Fiscal Accountability Supplement. For each reporting year, a companion database containing data statewide and by county, Need/Resource Capacity Index, district, and school in many of the above areas is also provided for statistical analysis purposes. To access the New York State Report Card website for a particular reporting year visit New York State Education Department (NYSED).

SOURCE FOR THE ABOVE TEXT:  http://data.nysed.gov/profile.php?instid=800000035159

NOTE: At certain times of the year, links to the NY State Report Cards may be temporarily unavailable as the NYS Education Department prepares the release of additional report cards.