Administrators & Teachers Embracing Technology

Schools across America are embracing technology. Email, in particular, is now viewed as an essential communication tool. Studies like the University of California, Irvine and the University of Minnesota's joint 1999 study "Internet Use by Teachers" indicate that high-achieving classes are more likely than lower-achieving classes to use such communication/collaboration and productivity tools as email, graphics, and presentation software. Leaders are using email and other applications to enhance communication skills, connect the school to the home, improve use of teacher time, and ultimately increase academic achievement.

eChalk began in New Rochelle during the 2003-04 year.  During the 04-05 school year-teachers began to activate their e-mail accounts and begin to develop teacher web pages.  This year, the focus will be on planning, implementation and providing on-going support of eChalk.

eChalk is able to run reports showing the usage of the system, and identifying whether objectives are being met or if there is a need for additional training. These reports come free with the service and are generated by the school or district's Site Manager.  This data will assist us in developing further resources to increase communication between students, teachers, parents and administrators, and to  improve academic results.


Means to develop more communication with students and parents!

Web Publishing Has Never Been Easier
eChalk offers an array of Web publishing tools that allow teachers and schools to quickly and easily publish dynamic data using eChalk's point-and-click tools. Because these tools can be accessed from any computer, Principals, teachers and staff can now post important school announcements from home, update the latest sports scores before the team even returns, manage the school calendar, post documents and multimedia files and better manage emergencies.

With eChalk, you can:

  • Publish Dynamic Data Using Point-and-Click Tools
  • Upload Documents
  • Post PowerPoint Presentations
  • Upload Audio or Video Files
  • Post Your Own HTML Pages, Quickly and Easily
  • Update Information from any Computer Connected to the Internet

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