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Welcome to the Purchasing Department, the center for procurements in the City School District of New Rochelle. The department oversees all purchases of goods, services and public works in the District. It is the Purchasing Department's responsibility to see that all procurements in the District are conducted efficiently and effectively to ensure the most prudent use of District resources.

The Purchasing Department is responsible for ensuring that procedures and practices comply with District policies and safeguards as well as New York State laws and regulations. The department is committed to operating with the highest levels of integrity and transparency as it welcomes responsible vendors and contractors seeking to do business with the District. The department's practices foster competition to the extent practicable as it engages a diversity of vendors.

The purpose of this page is to offer information on how to conduct procurements with the District, and also to present the ways in which the department assists District employees in obtaining the goods and services required to carry out the district's mission.




The purchasing department welcomes responsible suppliers and vendors seeking to do business with the District. The department is committed to following fair, transparent business practices to foster free, open competition among vendors to the extent practicable. The City School District of New Rochelle follows green practices. Beginning September 1, 2018, all purchase orders will be sent electronically rather than mailed. Please complete the  Vendor Registration Letter and W9  to ensure that you will receive your Purchase Order in timely manner.




Bid Request and Threshold

All orders should have proper documentation to demonstrate how prices were determined (i.e. current catalog, fax, internet, etc.)

  • $1-$4,999 Discretion of the Purchasing Agent with written quotes

  • $5,000 ‐ $19,999 Documented written quotes from at least 3 vendors

  • >$20,000 Commodities – Competitive Bidding Required

  • >$35,000 Public Works  – Competitive Bidding Required

Piggybacking Law

Effective August 1, 2012, a new subdivision 16 was added to General Municipal Law (GML) § 103 to authorize political subdivisions and districts therein to purchase apparatus, materials, equipment and supplies, and to contract for services related to the installation, maintenance or repair of those items, through the use of contracts let by the United States or any agency thereof, any state or any other political subdivision or district therein. The contract must be made available for use by other governmental entities. The commodity/service being purchased must match the contract you are trying to "piggyback." The Purchasing Department must analyze the bid documents and seek approval of the agency and vendor, where applicable, before making such a purchase. This includes National Cooperatives, BOCES, counties, and other school districts. Below are some examples of National Cooperative and BOCES contracts available for our use.

Southern Westchester BOCES Cooperative Bids

Rockland County

Westchester County

National IPA


US Communities



Bidding Requirement and Opportunities

For purchases and contracts that require bidding (generally, contracts of $20,000 or greater), it is important to contact the Purchasing Department at the start of the procurement process to ensure that all transactions are conducted properly, effectively and in compliance with bid requirements, District policies and New York State law.

Bidding opportunities are available through Empire Bid System or Bidnetdirect.com. The Empire State Purchasing Group is a government procurement system. Vendors may register at the site and research or download our bids as well as bids from other  government agencies. Vendors can also sign up for automatic bid notification to receive e-mail notifications each time a bid is posted that matches their business. 

Bid documents are also available at the Purchasing Department.



NYS Preferred Source Vendors

Pursuant to State Finance Law 162, selecting a procurement method and supplier must be conducted in the following order:

  • Corcraft www.corcraft.org. New York State Department of Correctional Services. (furniture, landscape modular systems, desks, chairs and file cabinets.) Tel. 800-436-6321

  • Industries for the Blind of New York State, Inc. www.ibnys.org (file folders, post it notes, transparencies, examination gloves and CD-R products). Tel. 518-456-867

  • New York State Industries for the Disabled, Inc. www.nysid.org (blue exam books, janitorial supplies, field marking paint, printed apparel, and office supplies, etc.) Tel. 518-463-9706

  • New York State Office of Mental Health, Buy OMH www.omh.state.ny.us/omhweb/buyomh (desktop publishing, electronic repair, furniture, janitorial services, etc.) Tel. 518-474-0121

Professional Services

Professional Services, under General Municipal Law 104, are exempt from the bidding process. However, the district strives to use RFP's (Request for Proposal) for these services whenever practical to ensure competitive pricing and the highest quality of service.

Forms and Documents

Confirming Orders

Notwithstanding Superintendent or Business Office approval, BOCES cross contracts and certain Board of Education-approved contracts, the Purchasing Agent is the only employee authorized to enter into purchase agreements for services, goods, equipment or supplies. Confirming Orders are purchases that have been made with a vendor, by phone or fax without a purchase order and before prior approval of the Purchasing Agent. Be aware the City School District of New Rochelle will not be responsible for payment of any goods or services that do not have an Authorized Purchase Order prior to the commencement of services or the shipment of goods.  Please complete the Confirming Purchase Order Justification Form and attached it to your requisition. No Purchase Order will be issued without the form on confirming orders. 

The District does recognize that from time to time emergency situations may arise. In such cases, contact the Purchasing Agent for prior approval.

Please refer to Purchasing Guidelines  if you need further information. 

Best Value Procurement

“Best value” is defined as a basis for awarding contracts “to the offerer which optimizes quality, cost and efficiency, among responsive and responsible responsible offerers.”¹ Therefore, in assessing best value, non-price factors can be considered when awarding the purchase contract. Non-price factors can include, but are not limited to, reliability of a product, efficiency of operation, difficulty/ease of maintenance, useful lifespan, ability to meet needs regarding timeliness of performance, and experience of a service provider with similar contracts. The basis for a best value award, however, must reflect, whenever possible, objective and quantifiable analysis.


¹ NYS Local Government Management Guide

Board Purchasing Policies

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