2018-2019 Budget

Thank you for supporting the 2018-2019 School Budget. This page includes the final adopted budget approved by voters on June 19, 2018, along with supporting information.

2018-19 Budget 

Budget Q&A

Budget Information Sessions

The District administration presented preliminary budget information in a series of public sessions on March 13 (technology, operations & maintenance, transportation), March 20 (student support services) and March 27 (educational program). Information presented is posted here:

2018-19 Budget-Demographic Enrollment Analysis_3-13-18

2018-19 Budget-Enrollment Long-Range Planning Study_3-13-18

2018-19 Budget-Preliminary Budget Operations - Student Support Services 

2018-19 Budget-Preliminary Budget Slide Presentation - Operations 3-13-18  

2018-19 Budget-Preliminary Budget Supporting Details - Operations 

2018-19 Budget-Preliminary Budget Slide Presentation - Student Support Services 3-20-18  

2018-19 Budget-Preliminary Budget Presentation - Instructional Program 3-27-18

Superintendent's Preliminary Budget 2018-2019

Zero Based Superintendent's Preliminary Budget 2018-2019

Preliminary Budget Presentation

School Districts Accounting and Reporting Manual, Chapter 6 – Budgeting 
Excerpted from the Office of the New York State Comptroller